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Many patients feel anxious when they think about an upcoming dentist appointment: Patients with dental phobia. A slight fear and discomfort in front of the dentist is common and we understand you.  Fear is a natural protective mechanism that is supposed to protect us from physical and mental damage.

However, about 25% of  adults suffer from strong dentist fear. This overwhelming feeling of fear restricts the affected substantially in many life situations. Being afraid of a dentists appointmet is also widespread. Even among the most courageous patients at CASA DENTALIS. Patients with dental phobie comprise all groups and ages of the population.

Patients with dental phobia often fear loss of control and the feeling of being exposed to the dentist. Dentists appointment are often avoided until severe and lengthy treatments become inevitable, which result in a lot of stress and pain.

There are many signs that are associated with the fear of dental treatment.

Symptoms of patients with dental phobia can include:


  • Sweating
  • Rapid heartbead
  • shortness of breath
  • Tremble
  • Nausea


The feeling of shame due to poor oral hygiene, as a result, avoid seeing your dentist,  usually only worsens the situation. To prevent this kind of situation from happening, we offer anxiety patients at CASA DENTALIS treatment under general anesthesia by request.

FIf you happen to fall under the category of a patient with dental phobia, you can let out a sigh of relief. Thanks to our   experience made throughout the past decades, we at CASA DENTALIS are very familiar with this problem. The most important thing for us is the optimal preparation and extensive care for our patients. We accompany you in all of our dental practices at Lichterfelde, Wilmersdorf and Steglitz-Zehlendorf, as well as at the CASA DENTALIS DENTAL CLINIC, from the first introductory meeting, through diagnosis, to the actual treatment by our Berlin dentists.

Our anesthesiologist will examine you for possible contraindications and provide you with professional advice on possible side effects and your behavior before and after anesthesia before the procedure. This removes the nervousness and fear from most anxious patients and enables painless and stress-free treatment at your dentist, CASA DENTALIS

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7 tips to overcome dental fear

As difficult as it may seem, going to the dentist is necessary and important and in some cases can no longer be avoided. In order to make your visit at our dental practice a little easier, we have put together some tips for patients with dental phobia, which can help you prepare as a patient with dental phobia in Berlin for your dental appointment.

Let us know when you make an appointment that you are a patient with dental phobia and tell your dentist at the first personal meeting. We can help you only when we are aware of your situation. At CASA DENTALIS we are at your disposal at any time.

Write down what you would like to discuss with your dentist during your first consultation. Take notes! What exactly are you afraid of? Is it pain, certain instruments or noises? In the excitement, anxious patients often forget what they would like to say when they visit the dentist. A prepared sticky note can thus help and at the same time bring a feeling of security.

If we know what scares you the most, we at CASA DENTALIS can deal with it as best we can. This is the only way we can take your individual needs into account in your dental phobia treatment plan.

Do you feel more comfortable when someone you trust accompanies you to your dentist? With CASA DENTALIS this is not a problem. You are welcome to bring a friend with you to your appointment. People who fear of losing control once on the dentist’s chair are given additional security by a person of trust.

More serious procedures can be partially or even completely prevented by patients with dental phobia if check-up appointments are regularly attended. So it is always worthwhile to appear at quick check-ups. Even if it is difficult: This is the only way to avoid major surgery.

The easiest way is to make a new appointment every time you visit your dentist on site. So you won’t forget or postpone it. The arranged patient with dental phobia appointment can also help you to actually go through the needed check-up procedures

Relaxing works differently for everyone. Patients with dental phobia? What works for you? Do you like to meditate or do you like to drink a valerian tea? No matter what you prefer, try it before your next dentist appointment at CASA DENTALIS.

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Your dentists at CASA DENTALIS in Berlin are here for you!

At the CASA DENTALIS dental practice, we take the needed time for all of our patients with dental phobia and respond to your wishes and needs. We would be happy to explain the individual instruments and treatment proceudres in detail.

Make an appointment today for a patient with dental phobia for your individual consultation with your dentist in one of our practices in Berlin-Lichterfelde, at Schlachtensee or at Roseneck. Your team from CASA DENTALIS, your dentists in Berlin, looks forward to seeing you!