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100.000 + gesunde Patienten
70 + hochqualifizierte Mitarbeiter
30 + Jahre Erfahrung
10 + Auszeichnungen

Dear Patients,

Dental treatment for the little ones begins at Drakestrasse 23a on a large pirate ship. Sabers and daggers invite our little ones to romp, they can also watch their favorite TV show or have their parents read them yet another short story. This way, the basis for a fearless and successful relationship between your child, you and your pediatric dentist is established. The child’s chewing apparatus can thus be taken care of in the best possible way.

With open-minded children, the likelihood of having  healthy and long-lasting milk teeth is very high. At Drakestr 23a, our dental team will do everything to ensure that a good oral hygiene is maintained and healthy teeth are preserved. Should larger defects, such as strong caries or even the remainders of milk tooth stumps are present on the teeth, treatment under anesthesia is also possible. We offer the services of external anesthesiologists if needed at our practice.

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Your Herbst Brothers,
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You can reach us outside of opening hours

What happens when you call the emergency services?

So that we are able to differentiate between the most urgent and less serious cases, we ask specific questions on the phone about the condition and the type of injury of the patient. It is important we do this as it helps us understand the condition of the patient and the urgency of the needed treatment.  Our staff is extremely experienced, it has dealt with all different types of injuries, thus, the assessment of the urgency of the cases we will be reviewing, will by no means be taken lightly or carelessly. Patients with less urgent cases are usually offered an appointment during our daily office hours.

What happens when you arrive at the emergency department?

Similar to the procedures of a phone call, you will have to prepare yourself to answer a couple of questions, which serve to record all details of the emergency and to work out the severity of the emergency.
If no immediate treatment is necessary, an appointment will be made during which the matter can be adressed thoroughly.

What happens if an immediate treatment is required?

The main goal of the emergency dental services at Lichterfelde is, first of all, to reduce the pain and make the injury bearable. But this mainly depends on the type of problem and cannot be generalized. If there are several complaints at once, it is difficult for an emergency dentist to pinpoint the exact cause of the complaint, which is why the greatest source of pain is taken care of immediately.
An Emergency medical situation cannot be compared to a normal visit to the dentist, especially since a number of appointments may be necessary afterwards.
The purpose of emergency services is and will remain as the immediate care for dental emergency situations.

How much is an emergency service treatment?

Emergency treatment will be taken care by health insurance companies the same way as your ordinary appointment at the dentist. So you don’t have to expect any additional costs.

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General anesthetic

CASA DENTALIS Lichterfelde offers treatments by means of general anesthesia.

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Pain patients are treated on the same day.

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