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CASA DENTALIS KIDS – dentistry in a form of child-friendly, responsible treatment. Children are not just little adults, rather they want to be addressed and treated in a completely different way.                                                                                                         A children’s dentist practices dentistry in the sense of child-friendly and responsible treatment. Children are not just small adults, on the contrary, they want to be addressed and treated in a completely different way.
Dental treatment for the little ones begins at Drakestrasse 23a on a large pirate ship. Sabers and daggers invite our little ones to romp, they can also watch their favorite TV show or you- the parents- to read them yet another short story. This way, the basis for a fearless and successful relationship between your child, you and your pediatric dentist is established. The child’s chewing apparatus can thus be taken care of in the best possible way.
With open-minded children, the likelihood of having  healthy and long-lasting milk teeth is very high. Our team will do everything to ensure that healthy teeth are present and, above all, are preserved. Should larger defects, such as strong caries or even the remainders of milk tooth stumps are present on the teeth, treatment under anesthesia is also possible. We offer the services of external anesthesiologists if needed at our practice. At CASA DENTALIS KIDS, your child will meet dentists who specialize in treating children. Under your parental supervision, the team will shows your little ones the correct way of brushing their teeth, for example.

This way, you and we can achieve a goal together for the little ones: the children will develop trust, anticipate coming to the dentist and have healthy teeth. Fun and necessity will go hand-in-hand.

We look forward to you and your little one!
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In the field of children’s dentistry, CASA DENTALIS Lichterfelde has its own dental practice for its little patients, in which we are happy to welcome you and your child  anytime – CASA DENTALIS KIDS!

Here we dedicate ourselves to the all-round dental care of all CASA DENTALIS children with a variety of different therapy options: starting with child prophylaxis, fillings and crowns, to placeholders and child prostheses.    

Pediatric dentistry: child prophylaxis

A hole in the tooth (caries) occurs when bacteria multiply in the oral cavity due to insufficient cleaning and / or a diet containing sugar, thereby attacking the tooth. This process can usually be stopped by brushing your teeth properly, but there are places that are often difficult to reach with mere home care. Teeth with deep grooves, furrows or dimples are therefore particularly vulnerable to caries.

For the timely prevention the risk of caries  in these spots , CASA DENTALIS KIDS recommends sealing caries-prone fissures and pits on permanent molars with a plastic material. This treatment is painless and is borne by the statutory health insurance companies.

Since fissure seals alone are not enough to protect the tooth from developing caries, brushing your teeth properly is much more important. CASA DENTALIS KIDS, your Berlin dentist in Lichterfelde, offers a so-called tooth brushing session twice a year led by a trained staff who are experienced in working with children. Here are important tips for the correct way to brush the  teeth and thorough removal of all the deposits. In addition, the young patients will get used to any treatment situations that may be necessary. The statutory health insurance companies cover the costs of such tooth brushing lessons.

At CASA DENTALIS KIDS, we, your experienced pediatric dentist in Berlin, do our best to enable your child to enjoy pleasant, anxiety-free treatment.

But you too can make a significant contribution to that experience. From experience and expert knowledge, we have put together the following tips for you on how to accompany your child to the dentist:

  • Role model: Demonstrate a positive attitude towards the dentist
  • Information: Explain the process to your child in a child-friendly manner
  • Familiarity: Bring your favorite cuddly toy or blanket to CASA DENTALIS KIDS
  • Patience: Our dentists in Berlin give the children time, please do the same for them
  • Feedback: Praise your child for good behavior at the dentists
  • Activity / autonomy: Let your child answer all of the questions on their own
  • Negative formulations: Avoid sentences like “It doesn’t hurt at all.”, “Just open your mouth again, then it’s all over.”

In the following, our pediatric dentists from CASA DENTALIS KIDS have put together some tips and tricks for parents regarding the care of milk tooth:

  • The correct cleaning
  • The right toothpaste: with fluoride content
  • Brush 2 times a day:
  • In the morning: brush about 20 – 30 minutes after breakfast
  • In the evening: before going to bed, not eating afterwards
  • Prevention: twice a year for a check-up at CASA DENTALIS KIDS; already dentists visits with milk tooth
  • in the morning: give your child a healthy lunch, sugar-free, if possible
  • in the evening: do not consume any foods that contain sugar or acid
  • Finding sugar: Sugar is hidden under various names: e.g. Dextrose, farine, fructose / fructose, glucose (syrup), glycogen, caramel, corn syrup, molasses, sucrose, glucose etc.
  • Medications: some medications (e.g. cough syrup) contain sugar, so they should not be taken in the evening after brushing  the teeth

In addition to brushing teeth, fluorides play a crucial role. Fluorides are naturally occurring salts that are considered to be indispensable in dentistry and pediatric dentistry because they remineralize and strengthen the tooth enamel, thus fulfilling a protective function.
For example, through food (e.g. fluoridated table salt) and drinking water, this maintenance is not sufficient to ensure long-term protection. Therefore, fluoridated toothpaste must be used in the daily dental care.

Children should brush with a children’s  toothpaste containing low fluoride concentration (500 ppm) after the breakthrough of the first milk tooth. As soon as the permanent teeth have broken through into the oral cavity, adult pasta (1400 ppm) can be safely used. In addition, Elmex jelly should be used once a week to protect against developing tooth decay.

In children’s dentistry, toothpaste is used only to prevent tooth decay. If your child is already suffering from caries, the only thing that will help is going to the dentist, and in the best case – to a dentist in Berlin from CASA DENTALIS KIDS.

Kinderzahnarzt Berlin CASA DENTALIS

Brushing the teeth and flossing them

But at home too, you and your child need to make sure that the teeth are kept clean and healthy. From the breakthrough of the first milk tooth, our pediatric dentists from CASA DENTALIS KIDS, recommend that you start cleaning your little one’s teeth. Until the child develops the necessary fine motor skills, the parents should take on this task.

It is important that children associate brushing their teeth with positive things from the start, rather than seeing it as a chore. You can make a significant contribution to this by making the cleaning interesting and funny, for example, by means of

  • colorful toothbrush and paste
  • brushing your teeth together
  • Games: who can clean more thoroughly? (Control by coloring tablets)
  • Toothbrush rhymes or songs

When cleaning teeth at home, it is important to choose a toothbrush, paste and dental floss suitable for children. The right technique is also crucial. So that your child learns what thorough tooth cleaning looks like, you are welcome to make an appointment at CASA DENTALIS KIDS in Lichterfelde. Our pediatric dentists in Berlin will advise you in detail about this topic. The “Tips and Tricks” section  summarizes what we think is crucial for you to bear in mind when it comes to the oral health of your little ones.

Caries can be prevented not only by means of regular brushing of the teeth at home and the CASA DENTALIS KIDS child prophylaxis, but also with by means of choosing the right diet. Your pediatric dentist Berlin at CASA DENTALIS KIDS will be happy to advise you.

In practical terms, this means giving up or consuming little sugar that causes tooth decay and acids that weaken the enamel. In addition to common harmful foods such as sweets, juices, ketchup and cola, (fruit) sugar and acids can also be found in fruits, thus an appropriate amount of consumption of these products must be taken into account as well.

It is also important to watch out for teeth after consuming the harmful foods. For example, your child should not brush their teeth immediately after consuming products that contain acids / sugar, as the tooth enamel that has already been damaged can then be even more harmed by brushing the teeth.

Our dentists Berlin from CASA DENTALIS KIDS recommend waiting 20 to 30 minutes and rinsing your mouth with water.

Teeth can also be positively influenced by nutrition, e.g. B. by products with high vitamin and mineral content such as vegetables and whole grain bread.

Do you have further questions about nutrition or care? Feel free to contact us at CASA DENTALIS KIDS at Drakestraße 23a, in Berlin Lichterfelde. Your dentist in Berlin for children’s dentistry will be happy to take care of you and answer your questions.


Some therapeutic measures (e.g. milk tooth endodontics or milk tooth extraction) require pain relief. At CASA DENTALIS KIDS, this is done using a local anesthetic. With this type of anesthesia, only the area to be treated is anesthetized by your pediatric dentist, while the little patient remains conscious.

For the different types of anesthesia at CASA DENTALIS KIDS, your dentist in Berlin, our dentists advise you to note some important details of pediatric dentistry:

Before treatment:

  • No food intake 6 hours before the procedure at CASA DENTALIS KIDS
  • No fluid intake 3 hours before the procedure
  • No consumption of dairy products one day before the treatment

After treatment:

  • After leaving the dental office, the child should not be left unattended
  • Running, climbing and other strenuous activities should be avoided
  • The child should be kept away from traffic
  • The child should not eat unsupervised
  • Children often tend to bite around on the numbed area because the feeling of numbness is strange and confusing for them

Often when playing or discovering and exploring new things, toddlers fall on the front milk teeth! Every little accident should be checked by a specialist. Our dentists at CASA DENTALIS KIDS will take care of your child after an anterior tooth trauma and carry out any necessary treatments and check-ups! Even more important than the treatment of anterior tooth trauma in the milk dentition is that of the remaining dentition! These traumas, which often affect the central incisors, require quick treatment! So, after falling or a sports accident, take your little immediately to our dental practice in Lichterfelde CASA DENATLIS KIDS in order not to put the preservation of the teeth at risk.

  • Ideally, transport the tooth or tooth fragment into a tooth rescue box (DENTOSAFE® or SOS tooth box)
  • Alternatively, the tooth or the tooth fragment can also be stored in milk
  • Never wrap the tooth in a handkerchief or similar!
  • Visit to the dentists as soon as possible

In order to protect the teeth during sporting activities such as ice hockey, boxing, etc., the dentists from CASA DENATLIS KIDS recommend wearing a sports mouthguard. The preparation takes place in our dental practice in Berlin Lichterfelde by means of an impression of the upper and lower jaw and subsequent processing in our own dental laboratory. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you have any questions about pediatric dentistry , you can call us, your dentist in Berlin,  anytime to arrange a personal consultation at our dental practice CASA DENTALIS KIDS in Lichterfelde. We look forward to you!

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