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Dear patients,

CASA DENTALIS at Roseneck forms the basis for the CASA DENTALIS dental practices in Berlin that have been established over the past decades.

As with all of our other locations, the dentists at CASA DENTALIS  ROSENECK,  located between the  districts Schmargendorf and Grunewald in Berlin, are committed to maintaining the well-being of your teeth.

From root canal treatments and tooth fillings to microscope-assisted endodontics or periodontal surgery, our compassionate, well-trained dentists are always ready to provide support and treatment to patients with dental phobia every day.

In addition, check-ups, consultations and aesthetic denture treatments are at your disposal on Saturdays. Let our dentists at Berlin’s Roseneck also consult you in detail about these topics.

Your CASA DENTALIS team at Roseneck,
Your dentists in Berlin

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Hohenzollerndamm 92

Zahnarzt Grunewald Berlin

Dear patients,

At our practice on Roseneck, we guarantee an appointment for all pain patients on the same day, without exceptions.

It is very important for us to advise each individual in an honest, open and, most importantly, professional manner. We all the needed time in a relaxed, calm atmosphere to answer all your questions.

May we convince you too?

Your dentists at Roseneck


Our services at a glance

Tooth preservation

Methods of tooth preservation, with a focus on endodontics

Aesthetic dentistry

Veneers and Bleaching


Diagnosis and treatment of periodontitis

Patients with dental phobia

We also help patients with dental phobia of all ages.


professional tooth cleaning


Fixed, removable and combined dentures

What is pain treatment and what does it look like?

Pain usually comes unexpectedly. It is then important to ensure the timely treatment in order to determine the source of the pain to be able to help the patient. Depending on the reason, the treatment then begins carefully, with foresight and as free of pain as possible.

What is root canal treatment with a rubber dam and microscope and what does the treatment look like?

Rubber dam is a tension rubber stretched across the mouth designed to isolate the tooth in need of treatment from the rest of the oral cavity. This enables a saliva and moisture-free work. This is particularly important during root canal treatments, where no additional bacteria are allowed to enter the tooth via the saliva. If a root filling needs to beredone, the canals  for residual material are checked  with a microscope after removing the old filling material. This prevents bacteria from remaining in the tooth and  infecting it again.

What is periodontal therapy, how does PerioChip treatment work and why is it helpful?

Many patients have problems with the peridontium. For this reason, It is  important to have a well-planned treatment plan, especially a regular professional tooth and dental pocket cleaning.  You may also need to take medicine, e.g. in the form of PerioChip. This insert is a CHX plate, which is placed in the pockets under periodontal treatment and which then keeps bacteria reduced for up to 11 weeks.

Who are patients with dental phobia and what is the best treatment for them?

Being afraid of dentists is probably one of the most common phobias. It is important to use a careful treatment course, ideally a step-by-step painfree method: first, meeting  each other  followed by a second appointment for the discussion of the treatment process.

The difference between a dental prophylaxis and bleaching?

Professional tooth cleaning or prophylaxis is carried out by a specially trained Prophylaxis Assistant. Depending on the conditions, it takes approximately one hour to clean thel teeth and interdental spaces. All soft and hard deposits, such as plaque and tartar, as well as dark discolorations and deposits will be removed.

Bleaching, i.e. bleaching the teeth, removes the stained surface of the teeth. This procedure usually requires the usage of gels that contain hydrogen peroxide. These substances have an oxidizing effect on the color pigments of the tooth, so it appears several shades lighter.

Saturday office hours

Due to the overlap between the office hours and personal duties at work, it is difficult for many professionals tomake it to their dentists appointment. We,at Casa Dentalis Roseneck, are here for you every other Saturday. This way, we want you to have less time pressure and stress during the week and still be able to go to your regular checkups at the practice, as a result, maintaining your dental health. Please, don’t forget to make an appointment!

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