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What are dental implants?

As a branch of dentistry, we at CASA DENTALIS, your dentist in Berlin, perform the insertion of implants into the jawbone in the field of implantology. Implants fulfill the function of the natural tooth root. Depending on the type, they are either screwed or inserted into the jawbone and thus serve as a carrier for fastening the dentures.

Implants generally consist of three parts:

  • Implant body
  • Neck part
  • Crown


The implant body is firmly anchored in the jawbone. Over time, it grows together with the surrounding tissue. The implant neck serves as a connecting piece between the crown and the implant body. It breaks through the oral mucosa, so to speak, and protrudes from the jawbone. The implant crown is cemented onto it.

These 3 components form a firm connection with the jawbone, which is almost identical to the natural tooth. Implants stand out with their incredibly high resilience

Ceramic implants stand out with their good biocompatibility and their pleasantly smooth surface. However, a disadvantage of ceramic implants comes with their elasticity and strength, which is why the implants have to be larger than, for example, titanium implants.

Implants can be made of ceramics or titanium.

Despite all the precautions, teeth can be lost as a result of accidents, periodontitis as well as advanced cavities. This is exactly when implants come into the picture.
Thanks to modern implantology, at CASA DENTALIS, your dental practice in Berlin, we are able to replace one or more missing teeth. Innovative implants and technologies make it possible to anchor new teeth permanently and painlessly in the jawbone.

Dental implants can be used in very different dental areas. At CASA DENTALIS, your dentist in Berlin, they are used for the following treatments, for example:

  • Single tooth implantation if an incisor or large molar tooth is lost
  • Attachment / stabilization of bridges and partial dentures
  • In the edentulous jaw: stabilization of a full denture
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With the help of implants, our competent team at CASA DENTALIS, your dentist from Berlin, throughout different dental locations such as Berlin-Lichterfelde, Schlachtensee and Roseneck, is not only capable of treating individual tooth gaps but also can guarantee stable prosthesis add ons for even a toothless jaw. CASA DENTALIS implants also counteract bone loss.

Titanium implants from CASA DENTALIS

The advantage of these is that they have excellent biocompatibility, so they adapt to the jaw surface in no time. They also stand out due their excellent resilience, which means that they are similar  to the natural tooth root in size compared to ceramic implants.
The implants used by your dentist guarantee our patients the highest quality, biocompatibility, accuracy of fit and durability.

The surface structure of titanium implants makes it relatively easy for bacteria to attach to them and thus end up at the deep structure of the tooth. For this reason, very good oral hygiene is essential to ensure the long-term success of the implantation.

To support oral hygiene and thelongevity of the implantation, we at CASA DENTALIS encourage our patients to regularly take advantage of our prophylactic offers such as professional dental cleaning at our locations in Berlin Lichterfelde, Wilmersdorf or Steglitz-Zehlendorf.

At CASA DENTALIS, your dentist in Berlin, the implant is inserted into the jawbone by your dentist during a surgical procedure under local anesthesia. During the subsequent healing phase, a temporary denture will be used at your Berlin dental practice.
During this time, a molecular connection with the jawbone is created, whereby the bone and the implant form a unit. This composite is essential for the longevity, stability and resilience of the implant.

After healing, the implant will be given to you with a denture tailored to your needs. During the healing phase, we recommend that our patients come to CASA DENTALIS, their dentist in Berlin, every 4 weeks for check-ups.

The healing phase is crucial for the success of the implantation, because experience shows that the loss rate is highest here. The reasons for this are usually the loss  or burden of the implant. Your dentist recommends the following things:


  • Avoid pressuring the implant. Do not touch the implant  with your tongue or your finger. Also make sure to be careful with the stitches while cleaning.
  • Oral hygiene: Even if the direct stitches or the implant should not be touched, it is essential that the rest of the mouth is cleaned thoroughly. The implantation can only be successful through good oral hygiene.
  • Even small deposits on the tooth can pose a risk. Oral irrigation and electric toothbrushes should be avoided. Instead, use a soft brush. After meals, you should also rinse your mouth with lukewarm water.


The following should be avoided in the first week:

– physical exertion

– Cigarettes, alcohol, caffeine (coffee, black tea), milk products

– Prostheses that touch or enclose the implantation area

The cost of an implant depends on individual needs, the effort and the necessary aftercare. The statutory health insurance companies offer payments for implant care on request. Private health insurers and dental insurance often cover the total amount of the costs.

If you are concerned about the direct financing of your implant, please contact your dentist anytime, because we are happy to offer our patients at CASA DENTALIS individually tailored payment options by installments. Thanks to our customer-friendly CASA DENTALIS financing options, you too can choose the denture that suits your wishes and needs and not just your wallet.

  • good, thorough oral hygiene
  • go to regular checks-ups at your dentist in Berlin
  • regular professional dental cleaning

The healing phase depends on various factors, such as bone quality and implant position. Usually, it is three months for the lower jaw and three to six months for the upper jaw.

Your dentist at CASA DENTALIS decides whether an implant is the right way for you after conducting detailed examination based on your individual situation. In general, however, the following basic requirements apply for an implantation:


  • Age: Girls can only receive an implant from the age of 15, boys from the age of 18. This is because the jaw will be growing up to that age respecitvely. There is no age limit.
  • Anatomical requirements: Sufficient jawbone, which can be affected by diseases such as Periodontitis.  In some cases, our experienced dentists at CASA DENTALIS can build up the jawbone.
  • General health: The exclusion criteria for an implantation include:

– underlying diseases e.g. Blood diseases (leukemia)

– chronic disorders of the immune system

– rheumatic diseases

– severe liver and kidney problems

– poor  physical condition

– addiction to alcohol, nicotine and drugs


  • The time and financial resources also play a major role in this intervention. Your dentist at CASA DENTALIS will be happy to advise you on the financing options as well as the treatment schedules.
  • The risks are being evaluated in a personal consultation with your surgeon at the clinic.

An implant is teamwork. Your dentists in Berlin CASA DENTALIS make sure to deliver the best possible quality results through their work and care. However, that is only half the battle. The patient must also meet certain obligations to ensure a successful implantation.

This includes good oral hygiene. Bacteria tend to easily and happily settle on implants. For this reason, it is of utmost improtance to maintain good oral hygiene, including regular professional dental cleaning, and at-home oral hygiene.

In addition, regular checks-ups at your dentist at CASA DENTALIS are necessary to keep track of the condition of the implant and general dental health.

You can have the check-ups at all locations of our dental practices in Berlin, such as Berlin Lichterfelde, Wilmersdorf or Steglitz-Zehlendorf.

Without your own efforts and care, even the best dentist will struggle to deliver outstanding results.

Make an appointment today to find out more about dental implants with your dentist in Berlin at one of our practices in Berlin-Lichterfelde, at Schlachtensee or at Roseneck. Please use our convenient callback service or book an appointment using our online appointment form. Your team at CASA DENTALIS, your dentists in Berlin, looks forward to seeing you!